Monday, September 17, 2018

We Export all Varieties in Rice (1121 sella, 1121 Steam, Golden sella) and Non Basmati Rice( Swarna, Sona masoori, Ir-64 Parboiled and Raw Rice (5%,25%,100% Broken Rice) and other Varieties.
In Spices We Export Red Chilly, Turmeric, Turmeric Powder, Black Pepper, Black Pepper Powder, Mustard, Clove, Coriander Seeds, Coriander Powder, Mustard Powder, Ginger, soap nuts, Cumin, Fungrek, Saffron and other Products.

We Export fruits and Vegetables in Fruits we are supplying Mango, Orange, Goa, Apple, Pineapple  and other Tropical Fruits
In Nuts We are Supplying Cashew (W320, W240, W180, Split), Almonds, Pistachio, Peanuts and other Edible Nuts
In Oils We are Supplying Sun Flower Oil, Peanut Oil, Rice Brane oil, olive oil, Palm oil, Mustard Oil, Sesame oil and other Cooking Oils. 


 Spices are the face and identity of ancient India and the image of an abundant spice producer still enhances the name of the country. ...